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As one of the most reputed pharmaceutical companies in the country, Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. (FIPPL), founded in 1949, understands the importance of making safe and quality medications accessible and affordable to help people lead longer and healthier lives.
The Company has several firsts to its credit and these include:
pointer ORAL PENICILLIN V - The first oral Penicillin introduced in India.
pointer CORTISONE - The first Steroid introduced in India.
pointer METFORMIN - The best and most economical treatment for Diabetes.
pointer LAVIEST - India's first live Yeast preparation.
pointer MELANOCYL - For the treatment of PSORIASIS and VITILIGO.
pointer CEMITIDINE FRANCO-INDIAN - India's first H1 receptor antagonist.
pointer LACTISYN - India's first Probiotic.
pointer MIXCAROTIN - India's first Mixcarotenoid preparation.
Headquartered at Mumbai, FIPPL team has nearly 2000 employees, which includes a Marketing team of nearly 1200 personnel, with 23 C&F Agents and nearly 1600 Distributors. The Therapeutic options offered by FIPPL range from OHAs, Respiratory, Hepatoprotective, Gynaecological, Paediatric, Antioxidants and Dermatologicals in multiple forms including tablets, capsules, creams, ointments, solutions and suspensions.
FIPPL also has a vibrant global presence and exports its formulations to Asia and Africa, through its own distribution network, besides reaching out to the markets in UK, France and USA.
FIPPL is over 400 crore turnover company that manufactures and markets an impressive portfolio of products, even as it has developed productive alliances and partnerships to develop innovative medicines at nominal costs through world-class research and development efforts.
FIPPL is also the name behind some of the well known brands in the market like:
DEXORANGE (Hematinic) - The 7th largest brand of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.
GLYCIPHAGE Range (Anti-diabetic) - The 2nd largest group of metformin range in India.
GRILINCTUS (Cough preparation).
GRILINCTUS BM Syrup (Cough preparation).
SORBILINE (Digestive and Liver disorders).
SURFAZ SN (Dermatological).
FIPPL has been consistently ranked as one of the most reputed companies and is among the top 35 Pharmaceutical Companies according to the 2012 AIOCD Pharmatrac ranking.
Generations of FIPPL employees have continued to sustain a culture that values excellence, integrity and respect for people.
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